June 3, 2007

Starter made

Category: Bitter 4 — Josh @ 10:23 pm

I made a 2 liter starter the same way that I have done in my previous brews. I was more careful this time and had no boilovers, and I had the correct funnel when I was pouring the cooled wort into my sanitized 2 liter bottle. I have about a 1.75 liter starter. I bolied the airstone and sanitized the air line that I placed into the starter. I attached the Hepa filter and air pump then dialed the air down to just a trickle. I already notice yeast activity (yeast clumps on/in the foam) and it has only been about 3 hours. I added 1 tsp of Wyeast yeast nutrient to this starter. I also added 10 Northern brewers whole hops flowers. My plans for this recipe are a partial mash recipe with about 3 lbs of Maris Otter, .25 lbs of cara-pils, .5 lbs of 10l Crystal, and .5 lbs of munich. for adjucts I am thinking of .5 lbs of brown sugar, and possibly some oatmeal or corn grits. I am also using Briess Pilsner light malt extract 3.3 lbs. for hops I am thinking .75 of northern brewer, 2 oz of goldings and maybe 1 oz cascade

June 2, 2007

Yeast activated

Category: Bitter 4 — Josh @ 10:16 pm

I activated the Wyeast 1028 Propagator pack(0928094) (mfg 04/23/2007)