August 21, 2007

More tweaking

Category: Linux — Josh @ 10:10 pm

I did a lot with the server over the weekend. I cleaned up a lot of old rc scripts from debian 3 and 3.1 which made bootup a cleaner (less useless crap scrolling on the screen). The main thing that was bugging me was seeing messages during boot from modprobe not being able to read modules.dep. I got hunted down any scripts that use it and commeneted it out (If I don’t need it, Why have it). The main thing that bugged me is that I kept seeing messages stating (multiple times) Module already loaded.

I setup fetchmail / courier-imap / squirrel mail to read my e-mail through a web browser. I also uninstalled and reinstalled apache several times, thinking that I had broken something in jinzora. After an hour, I discovered that I just needed to clear by browser cache.

I changed the priority of the swap files when they get mounted at boot, I think this is what was causing the server to hang when I was importing media into jinzora. I also added mount options to the root and boot partitions to help speed them up.

/dev/md1 / reiserfs noatime,nodiratime,notail,data=writeback,defaults 0 0
/dev/md0 /boot reiserfs noatime,nodiratime,notail,data=writeback,defaults 0 0
/dev/hde3 none swap pri=1,sw 0 0
/dev/hdg3 none swap pri=1,sw 0 0

I updated a few things on the router. Mainly setting static ip addresses for all the machines on the network in the dhcp, and creating an entry in the hosts file for the internal interface on the router. The dhcp entries in the leases file and the hosts file get used by dnsmasq (running on the router) to resolve ip’s on the local network.

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