September 11, 2007

Server tweaking

Category: Linux — Josh @ 6:14 am

I have made several changes to my jinzora server to make it faster when I am browsing and re-tagging mp3’s over samba.

First I added a mount options to tell linux not to track when a file was last accessed. This speeds up jinzora when re-indexing mp3’s and samba when re-tagging tracks with ID3-Tag-IT . The notail option disables the packing of small files into the file system tree. File system performance is reported to be faster with this option disabled, but increases disk usage by 5%.

/dev/md1 / reiserfs noatime,notail,nodiratime,data=writeback,defaults 0 0
/dev/md0 /boot reiserfs noatime,notail,nodiratime,data=writeback,defaults 0 0

Next I made the following changes to samba which increased the speeds of file writes and reads by over 1Mbyte/sec.

log level = 1
read raw = yes
write raw = yes
oplocks = yes
max xmit = 65535
dead time = 15
getwd cache = yes
lpq cache = 30
interfaces =
bind interfaces only = Yes
restrict anonymous = no
domain master = yes
preferred master = yes
local master = yes
os level = 65
max protocol = NT
ldap ssl = No
server signing = Auto

Next I recompiled the kernel with 2.6.22 source. I took the time time to only enable the options that I actually use, and compiled them into the kernel. I was then able to disable loadable module support.

Lastly, I tweaked the bios settings to enable faster communication on the PCI bus, and teaked the memory settings to allow for faster ram communications. I had neglected doing this because I had no need to bother with it in the past.

I attempted to compile mysql and the kernel with gcc CFLAGS to optimize them for the processor, but was unable to because the CFLAGS were getting reset by the options that were chosen by the Debian package maintainer. I found where I could manually tweak the package files before I compile, but I felt that this would make things too messy and difficult to support when performing upgrades in the future. I may decide to install Slackware or Gentoo in the future, just so I can see what kind of difference I would see from it.

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