April 7, 2007

Yeast starter finished

Category: Bitter 2 — Josh @ 10:46 pm

Wort starter completed and Yeast Pitched. Starter wort – 2 liters filtered tap water , 5 oz malt sugar, 1/4 tsp wyeast yeast nutrients, 4 northern brewer hops flowers. boiled for 10 min. When making a starter wort I use a sanitized 2 liter soda bottle.

I usually prepare the bottle by rinsing out the bottle with oxyclean solution, Then rinsing with water, then sanitizing in a no rinse idophor solution, then covering with fresh piece of aluminum foil. I sanitize a small funnel and small strainer the same way. To cool the wort down after the boil, I fill the sink partially with water and place the pot with a lid on it in the water. I then add ice cubes and cold packs. The starter is usually down to 60-70 ish within 30-40 mins.

After the starter wort is cooled down, I strain it into the 2 liter botle using the funnel and strainer. I then shake the wort for about 15 mins to get some air(oxygen) into the solution. I then squeeze the bottle a few times to get some new air in being careful not to push a lot of foam out, then shake 15 more mins.

I then sanitize the fully expanded weast propigator pack with 90% rubbing alcohol and sanitize the mouth of the 2 liter bottle the same way. I then open the yeast pack and carefully pour the yeast slurry into the bottle, then place the aluminum foil on the 2 liter bottle again. I then shake the bottle another 5 mins, then place a 1 gallon ziploc bag over the top of everything and place in a cool dark corner of the house. I usually place the bottle in a bucket or a sink in case it foams over while the yeast is getting started.

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