September 8, 2007

3 left

Category: Bitter 2 — Josh @ 11:56 pm

I have a few of these left. They taste very much like they have a Lacto infection. It is that or this one just didn’t age well. It tastes citrusy and a little sour. Similar to a lambic. If I remember correctly I did not sanitize my bottles well with this one.

June 5, 2007

Wicked Delicious

Category: Bitter 2 — Josh @ 10:49 pm

I don’t know how, but it get even better. I really like this one.

May 24, 2007

Aged very well

Category: Bitter 2 — Josh @ 6:08 am

I tried another one of these yesterday and it was awesome. I really liked the floral hops aroma and nice flavor.

May 4, 2007

Better than the first

Category: Bitter 2 — Josh @ 9:56 pm

I tried out this one tonight and it is even better than the first bitter. Maybe it is because I am getting better at brewing ?? Either way it is Delicious

April 23, 2007

Test drive ok

Category: Bitter 2 — Josh @ 9:38 pm

I tried one of these tonght. It was very slightly carbonated, but I did get a little “ffhhtt” when I uncapped it. It is delicious without being too bitter. The hop flavor lingers on a bit, I really like it. I am thinking about the next batch I brew of this one, I will use only 1/2 lb of 10L crystal malt, and make up the difference with Maris Otter. I can really only mash about 4 lbs of grain in my little 9 quart cooler masher. I wish I could go all grain, but that will have to wait a while.

April 21, 2007

Bottling finished

Category: Bitter 2 — Josh @ 9:40 pm

I finished bottling for the evening. Total bottled was 5.5 gallons. Nothing left to do but clean up. I have to say that bottles from Bass beer do not cap well (They Suck! and don’t always crimp well). The music from their website is really good. I will toss the other ones that I have not used yet into the recycling bin.

The hops flavor of this recipe definately shines through. Hurray for Goldings. The flavor is definately awesome and true to it’s origins. Mild, flowery and refined. The only thing I would like to change is to use less Northern Brewer hops Maybe .25 ounces less, and go all grain. Well…. maybe some Fall harvest Maris otter and goldings would be nice too.

Started bottling and FG.

Category: Bitter 2 — Josh @ 8:05 pm

I started bottling tonight. While I was siphoning, I took a FG measurement of 1.008 @ 74 F; FG is 1.009 Corrected. According to Lee’s brewery Java beer calculator, this batch came out to 4% alcohol (Almost too much for my tastes).

April 13, 2007

SG update

Category: Bitter 2 — Josh @ 8:16 pm

SG 1.009 @70F; 1.010 corrected

April 11, 2007

SG reading and installed airlock

Category: Bitter 2 — Josh @ 8:49 pm

I took a SG reading 1.013 @ 69 F; 1.014 corrected; I removed the blow off tube and installed and airlock. Fermentation seems to have slowed even more since this afternoon. Sulfur smell is not as strong in the sample that I tasted when taking the SG reading. It should fade in a week or so.

Quickly fermenting

Category: Bitter 2 — Josh @ 5:09 pm

This ale is quickly fermenting along. Krausen has falled and the yeast is happily munching away. After some research, the sulfur smell is related to the hops variety that I used as well as the yeast strain that is used. I guess I hit on the right combination. H2S odors take time to fade, and I noticed that it has already has some from this morning. The current smell coming from the beer is not quite as pungent (although still undesireable). I am thinking of removing the Blow off tube tonight and installing the airlock.