December 10, 2007


Category: Dunkelweizen 2 — Josh @ 10:55 pm

Bottled tonight. Primed with 6.5 ounces of corn sugar. It tastes much better than the previous batch. This batch does not taste as dry, and has more pronounced clove and banana/bubble gum flavors. Definately onto something here. FG is 1.019 @ 69F(1.020 Corrected) This calculates out to 5.25% ABV.

December 6, 2007


Category: ESB 4 — Josh @ 9:24 pm

OMG…omg…OMG…This beer is amazing.

December 5, 2007

Taste tested

Category: Winter Warmer — Josh @ 9:25 pm

Tasted this one tonight. It was ok. It is very carbonated. The spices seem to overpower it a little. It has very little malt flavor due to the yeast that I used. I may have consumed it while it was too cold. Age should help some.

December 2, 2007

SG calc possibly off

Category: ESB 4 — Josh @ 8:59 pm

looking at the numbers on this, it appears that my initial SG may be off. If I calculate it by points, I come up with a SG of 1.065. I think I may have been reading the hygrometer wrong

Mash = 139 pts
LME = 237.6 pts
Sugar = 46 pts
422.6 Total / 6.5 gallons = 65 ppg

I am thinking that the initial SG reading was 1.060 (1.062 corrected) This would bring the ABV of this brew up to 6.2 %. I guess I will have to brew this one again. It all does not really matter. This brew tastes really good.