March 31, 2007


Category: Bob's Brown Ale — Josh @ 6:22 am

Signs of fermentation. I can see a few bubbles sliding up the side of the carboy.

March 30, 2007

Brewing complete

Category: Bob's Brown Ale — Josh @ 9:13 pm

Final SG 1.040 @ 66F

I missed SG by a lot. I need to calculate how much sugar I should add for the future.. also forgot to add yeast nutrients, and irish moss to the boil.


Category: Bob's Brown Ale — Josh @ 9:00 pm

3.75 lbs Coopers real ale
3.3 lbs Breiss Golden Light Liquid malt extract
1 lbs 60L Crystal Malt
1 oz Northern Brewer whole hops – 60min
1 oz cascade Hope – 25 mins
.5 oz cascade at end of boil

Steeped Crystal malt in a grain bag in 2 gallons of water until water was almost at a boil, then added 3.3lbs Breiss malt extract and brought to a boil. Added 1 oz of northern brewer 15 min after boil began. Added Coopers real ale kit 50 mins after boil began. Added 1 oz cascade hops once boil resumed. Turned off heat at 75 min mark and added .5 oz Cascade hops then let steep for 10 mins. Total boil time was 75 mins

March 27, 2007

Starter completed

Category: Bob's Brown Ale — Josh @ 9:01 am

Wort starter completed and Yeast Pitched. Starter wort – 2 liters filtered tap water , 6 oz malt sugar, 1/2 tsp wyeast yeast nutrients, 4 northern brewer hops flowers. boiled for 15 min.

March 26, 2007


Category: Bob's Brown Ale — Josh @ 9:30 am

Activated Wyeast 1056 America Ale yeast.