September 18, 2007

Finished bottling the dunkel

Category: Dunkelweizen — Josh @ 7:56 pm

I finished bottling today. The FG was 1.013 @ 69 F. (1.014 Corrected). This calculates out to 4.4 ABV. I ended up with 60 bottles which is not too bad. This beer definately tastes good. I really like the clove and banana flavors combined with the wheat and yeast flavors. We will see how it tastes in a few weeks. I bottled with 9 oz of priming sugar, so it definitely should have some fizz. I am not so confident about how long the head will last in a glass when poured. It did not seem to foam much when I attempted to shake a little between a couple of glasses.

September 13, 2007

Installed airlock

Category: Dunkelweizen — Josh @ 11:38 pm

I installed an airlock tonight on the Dunkelweizen. The SG ready that I took was 1.014 @ 74 F (1.015 corrected). Tastes pretty good.

September 10, 2007


Category: Dunkelweizen — Josh @ 9:41 pm

The Dunkel is happliy fermenting away. The odd thing about this batch vs other batches of beer, is that even though I filled the carboy to the 6 gallon mark it did not blow out of the blow off tube. The Krausen has fallen back down, almost to nothing. I hope that this batch does ok with foam stability.

September 9, 2007

Brewing Complete

Category: Dunkelweizen — Josh @ 1:18 am

I used the following Recipe

1 lbs Munich Malt
1 lbs Wheat Malt
1 lbs Weyermann CaraMunich I
6.6 lbs Briess Bavarian Wheat Liquid Extract
1 oz Hallertau boiled 60 min
.25 oz Cascade boiled 15 mins
Wyeast yeast nutrients 15 mins
.5 oz Hallertau boiled 10 min

I pitched the yeast and currently the wort is aerating in the carboy with the airstone and hepa filter. I will top off the carboy with water Take a SG measurment, then place the carboy in the freezer. There is nothing special to note about this brew so far except I was expecting it to be a bit more foamy. I hope the final product has a decent head. On another note, I did had a boil over because I was watching Dr. Who on DVD and lost track of time.

I mashed the grains as Normal. Single step infusion. I added 4 quarts of 175 F water which brought the temp up slightly too high at 159. I added a little cold water to bring it down to 155. I mashed for 1 hour, Ran off the wort, and batch sparged with 6 quarts of 175 F water. (Nope.. no starch test.. I know.. I’m bad) The FG of the mash was 1.029 @ 90F (1.033 Corrected) Roughly 67% efficiency.

The yeast starter turned out OK. Miftik told me that the krausen in the 2L container peaked today around 12:00 pm. This batch should be just fine.

Side note. Upon topping up the fermenter, and takng a SG reading, There was a lot of foam that just stayed there and took forever to fade. I should have no trouble with head retention. SG is 1.048 @ 67 F ( 1.048 corrected)

September 7, 2007

Starter Made

Category: Dunkelweizen — Josh @ 10:34 pm

I made a starter tonight. I have about 1.75L After boiling for 15 mins with a few cascade hops flowers. I remembered to add a teaspoon of Yeast nutrient with this starter. As usual, I am using my air pump with the 2 micron airstone and the Hepa filter as I did with Bitter V.

I will have to remember to smack the yeast pack a little better next time. The inner nutrient pack on was only slightly ruptured and quite a lot of the nutrient was still inside of it.

September 6, 2007

Dunkel recipe

Category: Dunkelweizen — Josh @ 8:48 pm

1 lbs Munich Malt
1 lbs Wheat Malt
1 lbs Weyermann CaraMunich I
6.6 lbs Briess Bavarian Wheat Liquid Extract
1 oz Hallertau boiled 60 min
1 oz Hallertau boiled 10 min

A Dunkelweizen

Category: Dunkelweizen — Josh @ 7:27 pm

I decided to brew a Dunkelweizen. I activated a Wyeast Propagator pack of 3333 German Wheat Yeast. Lot # is 1423197. MFG: July 24 2007. I will make a starter tomorrow evening. I am still sorting out the recipe. I have all the malt, and malt extract.