May 6, 2007

Blow off tube removed

Category: Strong Bitter — Josh @ 3:01 pm

I removed the blow off tube, and placed an airlock on the carboy. The SG reading was 1.009 @ 72 F (1.010 corrected). The taste has a very hot (alcohol flavor) and is dry.

The flavor can be attributed to the following

  • The yeast strain (Wyeast 1028) seems to attenuate very well, and usually produces a dry beer. As a result the beer is less sweet because the yeast has converted a lot of the sugars into alcohol.
  • I mashed at much lower temperatures which produces a wort with more fermentable sugars
  • I used 2 lbs of sugar in the raw. (can contribute a cidery flavor)
  • I aerated the yeast starter and the wort before I pitched the yeast. This would result in healthier yeast and better attenuation.

This one will need to age a bit for the alcohol “Hottness” to subside.

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